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The Reqs

Bargain Reading is all about bargains. Our readers are savvy enough to know that many books are bargain priced all the time, especially indie books, so they're not necessarily chasing sales and are instead chasing great reads with bargain prices.

If you want to work with us, you'll need to give us a 4-month forecast of pricing for the book you want us to promote and more importantly, stick to it. This forecast will detail what the price of the book will be over this time, including the start and end dates of any special promotions. Here's an example forecast:

Everyday Price: $5.99

Sep 15 - Sep 30: $2.99

Nov 23 - Nov 26: $.99

Dec 20 - Jan 5: $.99

We'll using this pricing forecast to develop promotions for your work during our promotion window.

The team at Bargain Readers wants to work with:

  • Authors who are professional and whose works are professional.

  • Authors who have hunger and drive and verve.

  • Authors who appreciate a service that doesn't take your money and run away.

To be selected, the work must:

  • Be available at one or more major retailers.

  • Have a professional cover

  • Have a professional description on product pages

  • Be a work our member readers will appreciate


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Although acceptance isn't guaranteed, authors can submit titles for consideration every thirty days.

Get started by filling out our submission form.

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Steps for Success

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