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The Details

Our new, enhanced service was developed over many years, with input from leading industry experts, and to deliver it we've partnered with:

The Reading Club
Fussy Reader
Read Indies
Indie Helpers
Kindle Marketing
& Others

Get Paid for Your Platform

Got reach? Join our Marketing Partners Network and we pay you.


One-time and soon-gone listings can be great; they can give you a short-term boost. But we believe our proprietary, targeted approach to online promotion works better to give you more value over more time. A time-release capsule is one way to think of our approach because we deliver targeted marketing for your book over time. As explained in our FAQ, our standard promotion window is 120 days, and we promote your work incrementally over this entire window, unless you've upgraded to Always-On.

When we select your book for promotion, our experts go to work building targeted individualized lists and pinpoint marketing tailored to your work. Through our combined partner network, we deliver individual periodic releases to thousands of ebook lovers at a time. In this way, our marketing reaches more ebook lovers, more precisely, over more time.

Further, our promotions aren't just about the work being marketed. They're also about you, the author, to help you build brand, platform and recognition.

Our process works like this:

1. You submit a title for consideration. Start by filling out the submission form. Only new and first-time members are subject to pre-screening. Once you are accepted, you won't normally have to go through the review and pre-selection process again.

2. We consider the submission. Our editorial team reviews the submission and determines whether the author and title are a fit for what we offer. If the title is selected, you'll receive a confirmation and an invoice.

3. We prepare a promotion for the title. Our editorial team creates a promotion using the information from the original submission. Web content and targeted marketing materials are created and used for our time-release marketing.

4. We enage readers through our promotions. Our promotions on behalf of the author are centered around the title being promoted, but also work to build overall awareness of the author and his or her other works. Because of this, we ask that you guage the effectiveness of our service not on the results of one title over time, but on the results for all your titles over time.

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