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The Prices

The cost of our service is based on genre and the estimated number of readers targeted. While you submit the suggested genre with your submission, the best-fit genre is ultimately determined by our editorial team based on what we feel will give you the most benefits from our service.

The price listed below is a one-time flat fee. Note that there is also a one-time setup fee for first-time member authors of $10. The setup fee covers the cost of creating the author area on our site and opens an express lane for future service engagements as long as the author is a member in good standing. As explained in our FAQ, our standard promotion window is 120 days, and we promote your work incrementally over this entire window, unless you've upgraded to Always-On.

Primary Category Promotion Fee Target Readership

Mysteries, Thrillers & Adventures
Action, Adventure, Mystery
Suspense, Thriller, True Crime



Speculative Fiction
Fantasy, Horror, Scifi
Dystopian, Steampunk, Time Travel



Romance & Romantic Comedy
Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy
Chick Lit, Romantic Suspense



Teens & Young Readers
Teen, Young Adult, Middle Grade



Other Fiction & Nonfiction
Contemporary Fiction, Biography, Memoir
Inspirational, Literary Fiction,
Historical Fiction, History 



Advice, How-To & Parents
Advice, How-To, Business
Cooking, Parenting
Babies Children's



It's important to note that we revise these rates periodically and that the number of readers targeted is for reference only. We use these figures to determine rates to charge. The total number of readers actually reached is dependent on many factors, many of which we do not control, including response rates, clickthrough and participation levels.

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